The Mongolian warriors are back in Europe to conquer the Benelux, not with their horses and swords, but with one of Mongolia's prime exports products. The Original Mongolian Vodka, imported and distributed by, is distilled from the finest wheat grown at an elevation of 4,000 feet on the Mongolian steppes using water from crystal clear glacier streams. The vodka is kept cool from the source in the coldest capital of the world with temperatures of up to minus 40C. is exclusive, different from the status quo and reflects the rich history of Mongolia's empire.

Convince yourself and try emperor Genghis Khan's No1 vodka at exclusive venues and websites.

Genghis Khan was one of history's most dynamic leaders and named as 'Man of the Millennium' by Time magazine. He was a charismatic emperor who established the Mongolian empire, the largest contiguous land empire ever. It covered 25% of the earth's surface, stretching from the east of China to Poland. Even today Genghis Khan's legacy continues. 

Mongolia is a country of extremes with the coldest capital of the world and a vodka tradition comparable to Russia. Thanks to the mineral wealth the country is projected to be the world's fastest growing economy. Albeit there is no McDonald's there is a Louis Vutton shop in Ulan Bator. Mongolians have a nomadic history and today still almost half of the population is nomadic causing a strong link with the pristine nature.

Distilled from the finest Mongolian wheat grown at an elevation of 4,000 feet on the Mongolian steppes. The water used originates from crystal clear springs that begin as winter snowfall in the native mountains of Genghis Khan. Triple distilled and eleven times filtered through the especially activated birch tree charcoal. 

First class original Mongolian Vodka with an exceptional smooth taste and a rich velvety texture. Grand Khaan Super Premium has a silky start and a faintly sweet with a dry, pithy finish. (750 ml, 39.8%)

Named after the Man of the Millennium. Grand Khaan Premium is triple distilled and nine times platinum filtered with ultra-precision. This vodka is from the finest wheat grains harvested from the wind-swept steppes of Mongolia and blended with the purest glacial waters of the highest Mongolian mountain peaks. Grand Khaan Premium has a beautiful soft nose trailing with great balance and a clean, stylish finish with a slight punch. 

Enjoy the perfection of Mongolia's No1 export premium vodka, Grand Khaan Premium (700ml, 40%)


A beautiful rich vodka, perfect with a hint of lime or on the rocks. The perfect vodka in your favorite cocktail or mix! This is the brand new vodka, Mongolian Warrior Premium Vodka. This pure and very soft Mongolian vodka is made to original recipe. Made from the purest and most carefully selected ingredients. The result is a tough, full-bodied vodka, complex and full of flavor. Beautiful notes of citrus and anise in the finish light hints of grain and greasy. A vodka with a refined character and a nice round, soft and clean finish. (700ml, 40%)


( Dark Berries, Creamy Caramel, Green Apple, Icy Lemon, Red Berries & Sweet Orange )

The delicious taste of real fruit, combined with the soft, creamy vodka of Mongolian Warrior Premium Vodka! Best enjoyable ice cold, neat or on the rocks. (700ml, 14.5%)


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